Visitor managemenet system

VMS is web-based software that will revolutionise the way you organisations manages visitors, contractors and staff on a single site or on multiple sites across the the world.

Switching over to a web-based program will eliminate paper logs, which are not only unreliable but costly. Communication and tracking becomes not more accurate, but also real-time and cost efficient. 

Regardless of the size of your business, VMS will give you a greater sense of security and control over all aspects of your business.




  • Visitor/Staff information capture

  • Visitor Pre-Registration

  • Visitor Registration

  • Group Registration

  • Todays' appointment and expected visitors

  • Visitor traffic by visitor's company, host's name, department or location

  • Customised daily visit report 

  • Checkout

  • Can be hosted on-premise or as SAAS model 

  • Whitelist/Ban list can be maintained

  • Visitor/Staff access can be monitored

  • Visitors time limit can be alerted by email or SMS

  • Scheduled and real-time report

  • Easily customisable based on customer requirement

architecture (standalone)

architecture (Client-Server)

architecture (with high availability)

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