Payroll module generates the financial aspects of employee’s payment, CPF deduction, gross and net pay. It generates pay-slip at the convenience of a mouse click.


ExperDex HRIS capture salary component and related details as per Singapore standard and will allow HR personnel to process salary per location or sub-entity securely by respective HR personnel only. The system will allow processing of payroll every month at any time or even for the past month for those hold account or employees.


After the Payroll process, the system will allow HR personnel to audit payroll and then proceed with pay slip generation. Pay slip will be customised as per customer standard. If there is any custom detail that needs to be filled for a particular employee, the system will allow HR personnel to change/amend payroll and generate pay slip accordingly.


  • Salary Component and Details

  • Payroll processing

  • Approval

  • Pay Slip Generation

  • Comprehensive report

“A section accessed by staff to print their own payslip.”

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