Leave / time-off management

Configure the Leave/Time off management module of ExperDex HRIS to suit your local and international policies, dates and calendaring system. This adaptable module creates reports using select filters, generates CSV extractions and allows you to receive automatic E-mail notices for employees on leave.


The comprehensive leave module with extensive possibilities of defining leave types and more. It caters for all application and approval on line process and is liable to display information on leave entitlement balance, it significantly streamlines all leave related procedures, eliminate paperwork and save costs.



Use the Leave/Time off Management module to process employee leave requests with ease. This highly flexible module integrates calendaring and company leave policies to support and monitor employee time off. Whether you need to generate graphical reports or program automatic E-mail notifications for staff on leave, this module meets your needs.



  • Automated Leave Policy Enforcement with zero errors

  • Periodic Accruals & Carry Forwards Eliminate manual data entry

  • Online visibility saves Employees & HR time spent in handling leave

  • Fast application and approval process for improved discipline and employee satisfaction

  • Plan & manage employee availability and nominations during absence

  • Instance leave reports for quick decision making







"Flexible and fully automated leave management module."

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