Converts any type of image, document to 
machine-readable data

Optical character recognition (OCR) is one of the key technologies that is making an impact throughout the industrial spectrum which helps reduce overhead cost by minimising manual work. With OCR, we can digitise paper-based documents across languages and formats into machine-readable form, which helps in easy access to data and information. This eventually helps reduce the manual paper clutter and need for additional storage.

Some of the key areas that we intend to focus on :

  • Business card reading will help create lead/contact in CRM directly

  • Invoice/Order data extraction will help import details directly for processing with minimal intervention

  • Claim/expense receipts: avoid hassle of manually entering the details e.g. medical bills, taxi claims, trip fare etc.

  • Vehicle plate reading beneficial for tracking and monitoring purpose, alert/notify when a vehicle is parked in authorised area

  • Has ability to extend to any type of document

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